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Is your Private or operational business activity being secretly monitored?
Contemporary scientific based electronic eavesdropping technology simplifies and facilitates viable opportunities to compromise information and activities sourced from Residences, Commercial Premises, Motor Vehicles, Aircraft and Marine Vessels.

BPI Perth is uniquely positioned to provide a most reliable and credible bug sweeping service. Unlike most private investigators advertising bug sweeping services, our principal technician is industry accredited in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (Bug Sweeping). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Security, a Graduate Certificate in Computer Security and a Diploma in TSCM (Bug Sweeping). Additionally, he holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Western Australia.

As true professionals in the TSCM industry, we employ a complete range of highly recommended detection equipment including devices sourced from the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.

Accompanying our substantial array of technical electronic detection equipment is a non-linear junction detector. This technically sophisticated appliance serves us well beyond the capacity of gimmicky gadgets available through web sites on the Internet. Essentially, given the technical capabilities of contemporary eavesdropping devices, our non-linear Junction detector will locate devices that have been remotely or locally switched off or not emitting a detectable radio frequency. When its microwave energy output encounters semi-conductor junctions (diodes, transistors, circuit board connections, etc.), a harmonic signal returns to the receiver, thereby indicating the presence of possible illicit eavesdropping or covert video devices.

Bug Sweeping Services in Perth

We utilize only professional grade equipment endorsed by internationally recognised Bug Sweeping experts. Our radio frequency, near field detectors are produced by JJN Digital (United Kingdom). They are state-of-the art detectors, one of which is the WAM-108t RF Detector which is depicted below, as is our nonlinear junction detector.

BPI Perth conducts thermal examinations to detect invisible heat sources sourcing from illicit devices. An endoscope is used to access and view normally inaccessible cavities and spaces. We apply technology to detect the CCD chip in miniature covert spy cameras.

Our fingertip search methods are those recommended by industry best practices. Our experience and substantial crime scene investigation knowledge informs us where to look and exactly what to look for.
Locating vehicle tracking devices placed inside and outside of motor vehicles is one of our specialised services. Such devices are deployed as recording units or alternatively live tracking units facilitating operation via GPS communication devices placed within vehicles are often both vehicle trackers and voice activated listening devices.

Miniaturisation of listening devices, vehicle trackers and covert cameras presents greater challenges to today’s bug sweepers. Credibly trained, experienced and industry qualified technicians are absolutely essential to address your concerns and deliver reliable outcomes.

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When seeking an obligation free quotation for Bug Sweeping services, be sure to call BPI Perth from a secure telephone and not from within your residence, commercial offices, motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel that may be already compromised.


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