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Cheating Partner Private Investigators


Suspecting your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend of being unfaithful is a stressful and exhausting emotional state for anyone to be in. Before you have any evidence, it can be difficult to confront the issue without feeling like you might be jeopardising the relationship. 

However, many of us get the gut feeling when we notice that something has changed. If you find yourself getting anxious on an ongoing basis, call a cheating partner private investigator from BPI and get to the truth once and for all.

Signs your partner may be cheating

The following are common changes seen in those having an affair. That said, if you see some of these changes in your spouse, it’s important to stay level-headed as there may be other reasons for an alteration in behaviour. Depending on the circumstances, the relationship may or may not be salvageable — first you need to get the facts from professional investigator , and only then will you know for sure.

  • Changing habits— Has your partner started leaving and returning home at different times after 10 years of strict punctuality? Maybe they no longer have time for their friends, or have suddenly started spending big on new clothes despite your limited finances.
  • Excessive overtime and absences— Many of us have to work overtime every now and then, but has your significant other been working late with high frequency and not much of an explanation? They may have even started leaving home earlier in the morning without eating any breakfast.
  • Less sex— Perhaps you have noticed that you used to be all over each other, whereas now you’ll be lucky to entice your partner into it at all. On top of that, it always seems to be you initiating intimacy and never the other way around.
  • Overly evasive and defensive— From hiding expenses to short tempers, partners who are cheating are often constantly on edge and will be quick to snap if you ask questions. If your partner is unwilling to give you information as freely as before, it may be an indication that they are hiding something.


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