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Missing Persons – Trace and Locate Experts in Perth


For our team of experienced detectives, there are a number of reasons why we are approached to help locate someone who has seemingly disappeared. Establishing lost contact with family and friends, tracking down debtors and finding a witness for legal proceedings are all common situations in which we offer our services in Perth. 

Regardless of the circumstances, we take a highly professional approach that puts your needs first and gathers the information you require in an efficient, thorough and discreet manner.

Earn peace of mind when someone goes missing

Personal matters

In the case of a loved one going out of contact, it can be an extremely traumatic time for both friends and family, especially when it’s sudden and unexpected. On the other hand, people can slowly lose touch over time without realising it until they have completely lost any way of contacting them.

When you choose us as your private investigator, we offer you full confidentiality to ensure your privacy is protected as we search for the missing persons; we will use various techniques to locate the individual and re-establish contact between the two of you within the shortest timeframe. We even help people rekindle old friendships that have dwindled on account of moving interstate, changing phone numbers or deactivating social media accounts.

Legal issues

If there are other reasons prompting you to search for someone — such as chasing debt or locating a key witness — we can help track them down so you can get what you need as quickly as possible. As your private missing persons investigator, we are equipped with the skills and technology to find their whereabouts and put you back in contact. Our team works efficiently and professionally to ensure the person is located as soon as possible, even if they are doing everything they can to avoid being found.

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