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Electronic eavesdropping and corporate espionage are very real threats. In this day and age, sophisticated listening devices, covert cameras and GPS trackers are easily acquired and illegally installed. Locating them is conversely a far more complex technical challenge that should be left to the truly industry qualified practitioners. Our principal technician holds an internationally recognised  Diploma in TSCM (Bug Sweeping) and a Bachelor of Science (Security). We apply a full inventory of high-end TSCM industry equipment.  

Unlike most of our competitors, we are based in Western Australia, enabling our Clients to benefit from our far more reasonable rates.   

Are you at risk?

Individuals and corporations can become the unsuspecting victims of eavesdropping or corporate espionage if they are likely to be communicating sensitive personal or strategic information.

In a commercial environment, anyone with legal and industrial disputes can be at risk. This includes people handling trade secrets, specialising in mineral exploration, or those in key roles involved with corporate takeovers.

In a domestic setting, unstable relationships and matrimonial disputes can increase your level of risk. Offenders involved in stalking have been known to use covert listening devices and cameras.

You can look out for a few signs which could indicate that you’re being spied on. These include:

  • Volume changes and unusual sounds on your telephone
  • Sounds coming from the telephone when it’s not in use
  • Interferences to television or radio
  • A noticeable ‘different’ feel to exterior door locks
  • Doors found unlocked when locked on departure

If you suspect someone might be spying on you, don’t discuss your concerns in a room or vehicle that you think is likely to be bugged

How can our TSCM services help?

At Budget Private Investigators, we specialise in finding and removing any electronic eavesdropping and GPS devices, so you can feel safe again. Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Audits include:

    • An RF spectrum analysis
    • An inspection of your communication systems
    • An infrared spectrum analysis

An electronic and physical search of furniture and fittings



When seeking an obligation free quotation for Bug Sweeping services, be sure to call BPI Perth from a secure telephone and not from within your residence, commercial offices, motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel that may be already compromised.


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